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Beauty Treatments

CND Vinylux File & Polish£30.00
CND Vinylux Manicure£42.50
CND Vinylux Spa Manicure£52.00
CND Vinylux Junior File & Polish£20.00
CND Shellac File & Polish£32.00
CND Shellac Manicure£44.00
CND Shellac Spa Manicure£54.00
CND Vinylux File & Polish£30.00
CND Vinylux Pedicure£45.00
CND Vinylux Spa Pedicure£55.00
CND Vinylux Junior File & Polish£20.00
CND Shellac File & Polish£32.00
CND Shellac Pedicure£46.50
CND Shellac Spa Pedicure£56.50
CND Shellac Removal*
*added on to any nail service
CND Shellac home removal kit£10.00
CND Shellac Removal (on its own)£25.00
CND Shellac/Vinylux French add on£8.00
CND Shellac Nail Fix (per 15mins)£12.00
Nail Artindividual quotation
Gel builder natural nail overlay£34.00
Gel builder natural nail overlay and removal£44.50
Add-on Gel Colour£10.00
Gel Builder natural nail removal£25.00
Full Body £32.00
Lip or Chin£12.00
Lip & Chin£20.00
Eyebrow & Lip£20.00
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin£29.00
Bikini Line£20.00
Half Arm£20.00
Full Arm£26.50
Half Leg£26.00
Full Leg£35.00
Half Leg & Bikini£38.50
Full Leg & Bikini£46.50
Chest & Stomach£44.00
Upper Lip £45.00 Nipples £40.00
Chin £55.00 Bum £75.00
Lip & Chin £75.00 Chest £100.00
Neck £45.00 Full Leg £180.00
Chin & Neck £85.00 1/2 Leg £120.00
Mid Brow £25.00 Thigh £140.00
Ears £45.00 Toes & Feet £60.00
1/2 Face £90.00 Hands & Fingers £50.00
Full Face £125.00 Underarm £70.00
1/2 Arm £80.00 Back & Shoulders £205.00
Full Arm £110.00 Shoulders £75.00
Abdomen £100.00 Back £175.00
Hollywood £115.00 Side Burns £50.00
Bikini Line £75.00 Nose £55.00
G-String £85.00 Cheeks £60.00
Brazilian £110.00 Navis-Pubis £55.00
HD Brows£35.00
HD Brows Browsculpt£50.00
*All treatments require a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment.

A semi-permanent colour for eyebrows and lashes. Fuller looking lashes without the need for mascara.

Eyebrow Tint£12.00
Eyelash Tint£17.00
Eyebrow Shape & Tint£20.00
Eyebrow Shape & Eyelash Tint£27.00
Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint£21.00
*All treatments require a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment.
Nouveau LVL Lash Lift£50.00
The revolutionary natural lash treatment which adds length volume and lift with a tint included.
Nouveau LVL Tint Top-Up (up to 6 weeks post LVL)£12.00


ELEMIS BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift Facial
Super-lift facial to help firm and tighten cheeks neck and jaw line (1hr)
The ultimate wrinkle smoothing facial to rejuvenate ageing skin (1hr)
ELEMIS BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer
Revolutionary resurfacing facial to even skin tone, reduce blemish marks and smooth fine lines (1hr)
ELEMIS BIOTEC Radiance Renew Radiance boosting, bio-electric facial to energize tired, dull and stressed skin (1hr) £75.50
ELEMIS BIOTEC Blemish Control Deep cleansing, light therapy facial to visibly clear and re-balance oily, blemish-prone skin, reduce breakouts and clear pores (1hr) £75.50
ELEMIS BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Smoother De-sensitizing anti-redness facial to soothe and calm delicate skin (1hr) £75.50
ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift and Contour
This facial helps restore the architecture of the face, creating a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect (1hr)
ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy
Tackles fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically-proven age-defying benefits of Padina Pavonica (1hr)
ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel
This pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal (1hr)
ELEMIS Superfood Pro Radiance
Designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health (1hr)
ELEMIS Sensitive Skin Smoother
Soothing massage techniques that help reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses (1hr)
ELEMIS Anti Blemish Mattify & Calm
This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for dear and bright skin (1hr)
Express Facial (30 mins)£35.00
ELEMIS Couture Touch
Combine any ELEMIS hands-on TOUCH facial with your personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage or Deeper Than Hot Stones Massage (1hr)
ELEMIS Couture Technology
Combine any ELEMIS TECHNOLOGY BIOTEC facial with yom personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage or Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage


ELEMIS High Performance Skin Energiser (1hr)



ELEMIS BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men (1hr)

ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage (1hr 15m)£70.00
ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage(25mins) £40.00
(55mins) £60.00
ELEMIS Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage (25mins) £44.00
(55mins) £69.00
ELEMIS Intensely Cleaning Salt Scrub (30mins)£45.00


Swedish Body Massage(55mins) £51.00
(25mins) £35.00
Indian Head Massage (25mins)£43.00
Foot Massage (25mins)£35.00
Cleanse, tone, dermaplaning, serum, cream
Cleanse, tone, dermaplaning mask, scalp massage, serum, cream
Cleanse, tone, dermaplaning mask, scalp massage, ELEMIS BIOTEC, serum, cream
A bespoke Microneedling Treatment
The treatment includes a personalised face & neck Microneedling Treatment with a mask and scalp massage
A course of Three Bespoke Microneedling Treatments
The treatments include a personalised face & neck micro needling treatment with a mask and scalp massage
The Red Carpet Facial
A single Microneedling treatment and a Bronze Dermaplaning treatment in one appointment